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NKI Electronics carries a wide range of electronic project kits like the highly praised RobotiKits™ and OWIKits® from OWI inc.. These award winning educational kits feature science do-it-yourself experiments designed to teach concepts from the ground up while allowing children and hobbyist to have fun. The kits are available in various difficultly levels, ranging from beginners with no experience up to advanced with soldering and mechanical assembly, challenging builders from grade school to adults.

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  • Kabuto Mushi

    Kabuto Mushi
              What the heck? Okay, we’ll try to answer the obvious question, What is a Kabuto Mushi Robot? Kabuto Mushi (Rhinoceros...
  • Rockit Robot

    Rockit Robot
              (Soldering REQUIRED) OWI introduces to their award winning Beginner Series of educational electronic robot and science kits...RocKit Robot! The new futuristic...