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NKI Electronics carries a wide range of electronic project kits like the highly praised RobotiKits™ and OWIKits® from OWI inc.. These award winning educational kits feature science do-it-yourself experiments designed to teach concepts from the ground up while allowing children and hobbyist to have fun. The kits are available in various difficultly levels, ranging from beginners with no experience up to advanced with soldering and mechanical assembly, challenging builders from grade school to adults.

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  • Valiant Viking Ship

    Valiant Viking Ship
          ROW! Let’s turn back time when the Vikings used to cross the Atlantic or to sail east.  The hard rowing...
  • Solar Battery

    Solar Battery
                The Solar Battery is comprised of a number of photo voltaic cells. Each cell is made from a slab of...
  • Triple Action Solar Car

    Triple Action Solar Car
                Sleek, powerful, unearthly, and very cool... this futuristic solar car is an exciting way to demonstrate the use of alternative...
  • Amphibious Solar Car

    Amphibious Solar Car
          It's street tough, water ready and solar powered. It would be difficult to find a beginner robotic kit more fun...
  • Knight Invader III

    Knight Invader III
          The future of toys has arrived. Knight Invader III is a super race car that includes mini-construction projects, teaches the...
  • Turbo 3000

    Turbo 3000
                TURBO 3000 will amaze children nine years and older. This monster vehicle with oversized tires and independent suspension is “tricked-out”....
  • Rockit Robot

    Rockit Robot
            OWI introduces to their award winning Beginner Series of educational electronic robot and science kits...RocKit Robot! The new futuristic style...
  • Sumo Robot

    Sumo Robot
            Now OWIKIT brings the Sumo tradition to your home. The super warrior SUMO ROBOT can be controlled to assail and...
  • Soccer Jr.

    Soccer Jr.
            The award winning Soccer Robot by OWI has been redesigned to create more excitement and interaction. A third motor has...
  • Soccer Pro

    Soccer Pro
            If you thought the award winning Soccer Robot by OWI was awesome, the new speedy design of Soccer Pro is...